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These guys were awesome , I had a blowout while coming from Price to Salt Lake . I went to a Walmart that had 5 bays that were all empty and not a single automotive customer in sight and was told that “ they are booked solid for 2 days “ . I came here and almost didn’t go in because they were so busy the parking was full and I had to park behind other cars . But they were still able to get a matching tire and install it by the end of the day . Absolutely awesome service .
Recommended? Yes | by Mark Cooke , May 31, 2024
Great Shop, they were able to turn a pair of rotors for me by end of day. Paul was also able to share some knowledge about my quigley 4x4 conversion. Ill be coming back here in the future!
Recommended? Yes | by David Taylor , Dec 23, 2023
2023 review: It's so great having a local store that does an exceptional job! Dustin is fantastic. Pleasant, efficient, communicative, genuine. And he stays upbeat and helpful despite how busy they get! Truly impressed with the professionalism and authenticity. 2018 review: Great prices and even better service. Love that this local shop appreciates the community it’s in. Highly recommend!
Recommended? Yes | by Naomi Keller , Dec 09, 2023
Got my winter and summer tires switched and they did an awesome job (cost ~$100), great service!
Recommended? Yes | by Henry Brandmark , Dec 07, 2023
Honest and excellent service. I've been given the run-around by other tire shops, trying to sell me things I don't need. I can always count on getting honest advice from the Foothill Tire Pros owner. Crowded and you have to get their early to get in line (no reservations). Expected for a shop that is rated 4.9 out of 5, and worth the wait.
Recommended? Yes | by Robert Copeland , Dec 05, 2023
Dustin & his team were phenomenal. They helped me take care of 2 tires on two separate vehicles extremely quickly with precise care. Highly recommend coming here.
Recommended? Yes | by Quinn Swanson , Nov 16, 2023
As a knowledgeable "fix it myself" car guy, I have total peace of mind taking my car here. Good honest work for a fair price. Years of great experiences with myself and all the friends I've sent here.
Recommended? Yes | by Wyndam Lewis , Sep 20, 2023
Great shop. Trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommend.
Recommended? Yes | by Sandy Swenson , Sep 16, 2023
I wish I could give them 6 stars. The previous time I went for a wheel and tire swap on my OLD outback the studs broke so it took extra time, and the owner or boss without hesitation lent me his truck so i could take my kid to soccer tryouts in time. This time, I had the same car in to install some stiffer rallitek springs, new front struts and spacers. I dropped in, no appointment, they did it really fast, like in few hours and although they couldn't tell me exactly what alignment they did, its night and day from what it was before. Everything is tight, the steering feels great and perfectly balanced. In short, great service, quality work, and fair pricing.
Recommended? Yes | by David Lu , Sep 02, 2023
It takes a rare experience to get me to leave a review. I left Primary Children's Hospital yesterday with my 15 year old in the back seat with a broken leg and 100 stiches. It was 102 degrees outside when I heard my serpentine belt shred apart - alternator light came on, A/C went hot....all the stuff. I live 2.5 hours from the Primary Children's. I found the nearest shade tree to park under, did a Google maps search and found Foothill Tire Pros to be 1/2 a mile away, so I called them. Lucas answered the phone. He said, "If you can get it in here we can fix it. I can't guarantee we can get it done today." "Progress," I thought. So we limped the car to the parking lot and the broken leg into the lobby. It was busy. Very busy. I thought our chances were slim of getting the car fixed and the kid home before the pain meds wore off. Then I saw our car pull into the shop....many customers coming and going...then I saw our serpentine belt delivered. The belt went from the delivery man, to Lucas, over Lucas' shoulder to a waiting "Paul" (least that is what his shirt said that day) and "Paul" quickly took it through the door to the shop like a donor kidney being passed to waiting surgeons to repair an ailing patient. My son made the comment, "Paul looks like he knows what he's doing." A bit dramatic sounding? Well, for me it was. It was hot, we were far from home and I had a boy that was in a bit of a bad way. These folks didn't say much. I believe they just saw a situation where help was needed and they quietly and professionally went to work on it. Maybe that's how they roll everyday. It appears so. Just before 5pm we were on the road, A/C blowing cold air on a busted up kid in the back seat and a grateful dad in the front. Thank you? That doesn't seem like enough. God bless this business and the quiet professionals who took us in and got us on the road. We owe you donuts or pizza. Probably both.
Recommended? Yes | by Brandon Foote , Jul 29, 2023
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